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"The trust in a Partner, is not only to implement the technology, but it´s also to assure its continuity, growth and performance. This is an important issue for a successfull relationship between Customer and Supplier.  After sales support is one of our primary concerns."


TintaDigital is fully aware of the importance of maintenance and support in order to assure an eficient and continuous performance from the IT Solutions in our Customers.  This is especially important in the critical needs of today IT given it´s technical complexity and importance within business.  To meet these demands we offer specific Support and Maintenance solutions to respond to specific Customer needs.

TintaDigital has available several Support services levels, which can be choosen by the Customer depending on the individual business need and service level agreement choosen. 

We also have privileged comunication channels (email and phone support) that guarantee quick routing and eficient feedback.  In addition we give permanent client access to the 'support request tracking management' tool which enables fast access to questions related with Support.

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for a Support proposal for you IT equipment.


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